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Vocational Experiences

Internal Work Experience

Students in Pathway 2 & 3 choose to study from a range of vocational options, with an emphasis on increasing their vocational skills and interests. Each option is designed to work as an enterprise so that students experience different parts of the industry in which they have chosen to study. Our vocational options include: Horticulture, Textiles, Art, Construction, Catering and Team Enterprise.

Should students show an interest or have an aptitude in a particular area they can also gain vocational experiences through our supported work experience opportunities within the school. Placements are carefully considered so that the student will have a positive learning experience. Internal work experience opportunities in various departments including, Admin, Catering and Hospitality The Well Café, Classroom Support and Maintenance.

Pathway 1 students have opportunities for vocational experiences built into their curriculum. Students undertake their preferred activities to increase their participation due to the activities holding greater meaning to them.

External Work Experience

In addition to the support work experience roles offered within the school, the students have the chance to experience work in external settings to further develop their independence and vocational skill sets. Students can attend Gearz workshop, where they practice motor mechanics and bicycle repair; Green Corridor which provides opportunities to develop skills within catering and hospitality sector for students with a range of needs. Our link with Brunel University provides students access the industries on their campus. Where possible, we seek supported internships from appropriate providers.