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Transition Planning

When a young person with Special Educational Needs (SEN) reaches their 14th birthday (Year 9), their Transition Review becomes the first stage of their journey into adulthood. Transition Reviews look at education, care, health, communication and behaviour in order to develop a plan that will evolve in line with the young person’s changing needs and aspirations.

The Transition Plan will take account of the young person’s current and future life such as further education, health, housing, work, hobbies and appropriate levels of care so that their needs can be met at age 16 and beyond. Information is gathered from the young person, their family, school teachers and Local Authority representatives.

The school has established relationships with a number of organisations to support the young person and their parents/carers in their move to adult life.

Our approach to Transition Planning includes person-centred Transition Reviews with an emphasis on high quality information to evaluate different provisions; encouraging young people to develop confidence to plan for their future; and the full participation of the young person and their parent/carer.