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The Well - Community Cafe

The Well Community Cafe came into being following a successful application to the Cardinal's Appeal Fund (Westminster) and also as a result of us being one of the four chosen charities of The Mayor of Hillingdon in 2017.

It is named after the Gospel story (John 4:1-42).where Jesus asked a Samaritan woman at the well for help to get him a drink. This was something exceptional at that time as Jewish and Samaritan people did not associate with each other. The Samaritan woman obliged. This story is an example of love, truth, acceptance and hospitality. They spoke so directly as equals despite her low standing in the community and highlights Jesus' heart for all people not just for some.

In our Community Café students develop and improve their skills in catering and hospitality. They work within the café. They prepare and serve orders for staff and student customers during break and lunch times.

The Well Community Café facilitates real life social interactions for students supported by staff. Students from across to school utilise The Well to facilitate learning in areas such as handling money and making choices from a menu.