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Student Awards

We are proud to include some of the awards won by our young people:

The Morag Anderson Award for Student of the Year

Morag Anderson was a student at Pield Heath. When she died from an incurable condition as a community we were deeply saddened that she died so young. For her family it was a very difficult time as they struggled to come to terms with their loss. When they had time to reflect during their bereavement the family requested if they could donate a silver cup to the school.

In recognition of Morag’s short but eventful life and the amazing courage she showed during her illness we set up The Morag Anderson – Student of the Year Award. This was to recognise the efforts of a student who was nominated by the staff for their contribution to the school. This beautiful silver cup is engraved with the names of all the past winners and is presented by the guest of honour who is invited to attend the annual end of Year 14 Leavers Mass.

It is a prestigious award and is a lasting tribute to the life and memory of Morag Anderson.

Current Winner

2021 -22 - Jason Westfallen

Past Morag Anderson Award Winners

Academic Year Student
2021 -22 Jason Westfallen
2020 – 21 Emily Yap
2019 – 20 Khushi Joshi
2018 – 19 Samuel Abbott
    2017 – 18     Yoonis Ahmed
2016 – 17 Saman Jayakumar
2015 – 16 Luke Radclyffe
2014 – 15 Miranda Bentley
2013 – 14 Fabian Boaitey
2012 – 13 Aran Reynolds
2011 – 12 Eta Bninski
2010 – 11 Tyrone Bramble


Bernie Walsh Service Award

Mrs Bernie Walsh worked as a Special Support Assistant at Pield Heath for over 25 years. She was a very committed, dedicated and beloved member of our school Community. In her legacy she and her family very generously donated money to build a sensory room for our students. This facility was officially opened and blessed by Bishop John Wilson when he visited the school in 2019.

In recognition of her loyal years at Pield Heath, we set up The Bernie Walsh Service Award to recognise the efforts of a student who has been nominated by the staff for their contribution to the school community. We felt this was one way of remembering the inspiring and wonderful example set by Mrs Walsh  of the virtues of love and devoted service.

Current Winner

2021 - 22   Thomas Hibbs

Past Bernie Walsh Service Award Winners

Academic Year Student
2021 -22 Thomas Hibbs
2020 – 21 Ernest Abumwenre
2019 – 20 Aisling O'Gallachoir
2018 – 19 Matthew McVeigh
2017 – 18 Darnell Rees
2016 – 17 Mark Gilmour
2015 – 16 Jaswant Rathor
2014 – 15 Laura O'Connell


The Mother Winefride Tyrrell Award for leadership
Current Winner

2022 - 23 Mason McGahey

Past Mother Winifride Tyrrell Award Winners

Academic Year Student
2022 - 23 Mason McGahey
2021 - 22 Yash Nekkanti
2020 – 21 Jason Westfallen
2019 – 20 Thomas Hibbs
2018 – 19 Samuel Abbott
2017 – 18 Mason McGahey
2016 – 17 Khushi Joshi