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Key Stage 2:

In the Autumn Term we cover Space, Forces and Motion. We explore the earth, moon and sun in relation to each other. We explore day and night and understand through models how they are formed. Forces and Motion is all about pushing and pulling and gaining an understanding of a force through lots of hands on experiments and activities.

In Spring, we look at Seasons and Rocks exploring the locality of rocks. When looking at Seasons we explore the weather through seasonal changes, the different types of weather, and we look at how we dress appropriately for different seasons. In the latter half of the term, we go on visits to the local riverbank to collect rocks and then look at them in closer detail.

In Summer, we look at plants and life cycles of plants. Students start by looking at the lifecycle of a plant. We explore the vegetation in the school gardens to identify where different plants grow. In Healthy Living we explore healthy living through our senses and how to protect them through a range of activities.


Key Stage 3

In Autumn, we cover Electricity and Forces through a variety of media maintaining a hands-on approach throughout the topics. Using practical activities and media as well as visual support our students gain a good understanding of the topics being taught.

In the Spring Term we look at Materials and their properties giving students opportunities to classify and sort by being given and by identifying their own classifications. In the second half of the term we look at Materials and how they react after heating and cooling.  We carry out lots of experiments backed up with powerpoints and lots of practical work so that the students can experience and observe or maybe taste the changes that take place.

In the Summer term we explore Living Things and Classification as well as Animal Classification and Habitat.



In these photos we are testing Resistance by making parachutes. We also tested Forces and Motion by looking at how fast cars can travel on different surfaces and conditions. We also gained an understanding of pulling through a tug-of-war. In light, we looked at shadows and practised making our own shadows and using cut-outs.

Key Stage 4

In the Autumn Term our topics are Light and Chemical Reactions. Students explore light through practical experiences, how light travels and how colour is made. They participate in a range of experiments to test irreversible and reversible changes of state e.g. using Angel Delight to test changes through mixing and separating.

In the Spring Term the students further develop their understanding of healthy lifestyles, healthy diets and staying healthy through exercise and the consequences of poor health and the impact of drugs and pollution. In the second half of the Spring term, students will develop their skills in Scientific Enquiry by using their observational and investigative skills, their measuring abilities and their abilities to make predictions. 

In Summer, we maximise our outdoor leaning opportunities by exploring our environment to find minibeasts and planting seeds.