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In Maths there is a greater emphasis placed on the learning of number as this skill permeates all areas of numeracy. Maths is a key life skill, however, the abstract and conceptual nature of mathematics poses challenges to students with special needs. As such the content of the National Curriculum must be differentiated to meet our students needs. There is a particular emphasis on the functionality of maths e.g handling and managing money/shopping, understanding timetables (using public transport) and using measure in everyday life situations (cooking). The acquisition of these basic skills are prioritised in order to equip the student with skills to participate fully and independently in society.

At KS2, Maths curriculum uses practical multisensory approaches to ensure early mathematical development,  alongside the White Rose Maths as the scheme of learning. This is also enhanced through mathematical games, problem-solving, individual and group tasks as well as working with IT equipment, all to reinforce learning.


At Key Stage 3 the White Rose Maths is a framework for planning and work is differentiated for students working at a range of levels. White Rose Maths aims to deepen understanding, confidence and competence in maths.



At Key Stage 4 students further develop key skills that they will need for life after school using White Rose Maths as a tool to develop these skills. Students start to work toward an ASDAN qualification within their options applying and practising Maths skills in lessons such as Enterprise, Community Skills and Cooking. As part of their ASDAN Qualification, the KS4 Students run a Tuck Shop to practice and further develop the everyday life skill of money exchange.