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Literacy (PH+)

In the PH+ classes functional literacy is taught ON a three-year cycle. the curriculum is based on themes to offer a wide range of activities. Topics  include Myself, My community, The wider world, Community and Living things. Functional literacy is taught every day and is incorporated into every learning area of the curriculum. All pupils have individual plans for literacy where they concentrate on personalised targets.




Students’ development in terms of their ability to communicate- whether through speech, AAC, writing or non-verbal gesture is crucial to their engagement with and understanding of the world around them. Communication is an important aspect of Functional Literacy programmes. 

Enrichment opportunities:

Throughout the school year students participate in numerous enrichment events. Students are encouraged to take part in activities which allow them to practice their literacy skills in real life settings. Functional communication is taught and practised throughout the day and in community skills lessons where students access the wider world around them. Special days such as World Book Day, Remembrance Day, Red Nose Day and Children in Need offer opportunities for pupils to practise their reading, writing and speaking and listening skills.