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Design & Technology

Each Key stage follows a progression of skills, each term a theme is introduced whereby the students are given the opportunity to explore the theme. The curriculum has been designed using a multisensory approach, ensuring all our learners have access to the curriculum. All students have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of design, making, technical knowledge and evaluation.

At Key Stage 2, the students develop skills in basic mark making of simple 2D shapes. They begin to explore 2D and 3D shapes in the environment and begin to identify by technical names. Students have opportunities to explore a wide range of materials within DT, by testing material properties. They begin to learn techniques such as cutting, gluing and joining to combine materials. Students learn the basics of Health and Safety, understanding the types of PPE worn to protect ourselves. Students build simple structures, exploring how they can be made stronger/more stable. Students learn how to hande tools safely and will be able to demonstrate using with some level of accuracy.


At Key Stage 3, the students build on the skills learnt from KS2. They will move from a classroom environment to a workshop environment. Students will develop their communication skills and will begin to state how products work. Students will explore simple moving parts, such as levers and wheels. The students will learn the Health and Safety procedures of a workshop, understanding the types of PPE worn to protect ourselves and how to act in a workshop environment. All students will learn the names and purposes of the tools and equipment used in DT. Once students have successfully secured their understanding, they will be able to use the different tools in practice. They will learn how to mark out onto materials accurately using their numeracy skills, and cut using hand tools. Students will learn how to use finishing techniques, such as sanding and painting. Students will begin to evaluate their products against a simple design criteria.


At Key Stage 5, Construction, some students will work towards an NOCN qualification. Students will apply their understanding of the skills learnt from KS3. Students will work towards completing a series of wooden products, each product will be based on a termly theme. Students will develop researching skills to inform the planning and development of design ideas demonstrating imaginative and observational skills. Students will learn how to work using a design criteria and follow their own working drawings of a product. Students will demonstrate their understanding of working safely in the workshop environment by using hand tools with care. Students will learn basic joining techniques such as finger joints. All students will demonstrate independence when selecting materials and tools.