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Art & Design

Each Key stage follows a progression of skills, each term a theme is introduced whereby the students are given the opportunity to explore the theme artistically. The curriculum has been designed using a multisensory approach, ensuring all our learners have access to the curriculum. All students have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of drawing, colour, texture, form, printing and pattern.

Key Stage 2

The students develop skills in basic mark making, using different mediums such as pencil and charcoal. They begin developing their understanding of colour, learning the primary and secondary colours and mixing techniques. They have opportunities to handle different tools and materials within Art, from manipulating malleable materials to construct using recycled materials. The students begin to gain an understanding of man-made and natural forms, observing shape and form. From this pattern can be explored, through repeat patterns, overlapping and printing.


Key Stage 3

The students build on the skills learnt from KS3. They begin to develop skills in close observational drawing, such as looking at the human face in greater detail. Once students have successfully secured their understanding of primary and secondary colours, they will have the opportunity to manipulate the colours, by mixing together and adding white and black. All students will learn the names and purposes of the tools and equipment used in Art. When looking at form and function, students will begin to look at the work of other artists, make comments and work in the style of an artist. The students will have opportunity to explore different relief printing techniques, from etching to mono-printing. From this pattern can be explored, through repeat patterns, single symmetry and curved lines.


Key Stage 4

Students work towards an ASDAN qualification. The students will have the opportunity to hone their skills learnt from KS4 and will develop their own artistic style and are able to comment on the work of others. The students will have opportunity to work in the style of a chosen artist and evaluate their work, commenting on colour and form. The students will demonstrate a more sophisticated understanding of mark making and begin to draw from their own experiences. The students will begin to acquire the skills to plan, and develop design ideas by creating initial designs and discuss their work. The students will build on their understanding of pattern and develop more abstract patterns demonstrating more advanced skills.


Key Stage 5

Some students will work towards an entry level qualification in Art and Design. Students will begin to demonstrate their understanding of their skills learnt and develop their own style. Students will explore colour through, hue, tint, tone and shade, applying their knowledge of using colour for purpose. Students will apply skills learnt from studying a chosen artist and replicate artistic techniques. Students plan and develop ideas demonstrating imaginative and observational skills. Students will create personal and unique pieces of work reflecting their experiences and mood for a final portfolio.