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At Key Stage 5, Construction, some students will work towards an NOCN qualification. Students will apply their understanding of the skills learnt from KS3. Students will work towards completing a series of wooden products, each product will be based on a termly theme. Students will develop researching skills to inform the planning and development of design ideas demonstrating imaginative and observational skills. Students will learn how to work using a design criterion and follow their own working drawings of a product. Students will demonstrate their understanding of working safely in the workshop environment by using hand tools with care. Students will learn basic joining techniques such as finger joints. All students will demonstrate independence when selecting materials and tools. 



Fish Shaped Pencil



KS5 — NOCN - Using Employment skills - Making a product

Enrichment Opportunities

Throughout the School year students are able to partake in different enrichment activities. 

Students are able to participate in off-site activities, such as visits to design galleries, the Design Museum. Students can participate in creative building workshops at the Royal Academy. 

Students also participate in various onsite DT activities, such creating products to sell as part of ‘team enterprise’. Students have the opportunity to sell products at a stall locally. At Christmas time all students have the opportunity to create props and for the school Christmas play, and make gifts to sell at the Christmas and Summer Fayre.  

Students making Christmas products to sell. 
Students making Christmas products to sell.