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Behaviour for Learning

We have high expectations of our young people and believe that they will learn and feel safe, secure and positive about themselves if they have clear and consistent boundaries.

The excellent progress in personal development made by our young people reflects the School’s exceptional management of behaviour and our very strong emphasis on mutual respect and care. The school’s clear rules impact upon the young people’s behaviour, causing their attitudes to learning to improve and their rates of achievement to then accelerate.

Our young people are very proud of their successes and like the way that staff discuss with them how well they are doing in both their work and their personal development, and how they can improve still further. As a result, they have an excellent understanding of how to make their work better and this has a very positive impact on their levels of achievement.

Young people with additional communication difficulties are well supported, and consequently make very good progress with their personal and academic skills.

All of our young people have an individual behaviour support plan, which is regularly reviewed in response to their changing needs.