One of the augmentative communication strategies employed at Pield Heath House School is Signalong – a technique which was developed to empower children and adults with communication difficulties.

Signalong is a sign-supported system based on British Sign Language, which uses signs along with speech to support children’s understanding.

While offering benefits to children with communication and learning difficulties, Signalong can also be accessed by all children. Using signs in place of actions when singing is a fun and easy way of introducing signing to all children.

Using Signalong has many advantages; it helps children communicate their wants and needs, it can reduce frustration (because their needs can be communicated) and it can act as a bridge between languages for children who speak more than one language. Signing may also support speech development in children and adults with communication and learning difficulties.

In addition to using Signalong on a daily basis within the school, Pield Heath offers a range of workshops, plus Introductory and Certificate courses for those with an interest in learning the Signalong system. For further information regarding Signalong courses, please contact the school, either by email at or by telephone on 01895 258507.