Sixth Form

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‘I love cooking because I love smelling food while I cook.‘ – Student

Catering aims to give students the opportunity to work and learn in a realistic working environment.

The programme aims to equip students with a working knowledge of basic Health & Safety and basic Food Safety in the kitchen, in line with legislative requirements. They also learn about different equipment and utensils used in catering and are able to describe their use.

Students use their IT and literacy skills to research recipes relevant to the subject dish being prepared and then write their own recipe, including identification of all equipment required to produce the dish.

Students learn about the different food groups and understand the balance of good health and nutrition required by the body. They are also introduced to the need to substitute ingredients to meet dietary requirements without compromising the quality of dish.

Following a practical demonstration they produce a dish from their recipe under instruction.

At the end of the programme, students are able to prepare a variety of dishes from recipes under assessment conditions.


Certification in Basic Health & Safety in the Workplace

Certification in Basic Food Safety

NOCN accreditation in Catering (Jamie Oliver)


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