Sixth Form

Cafe Enterprise

As part of the Enterprise Education programme students enjoy learning and working in a cafe environment.

They study various external cafes and the types of food served there, as well as looking at the jobs available and skills required to work there. They complete surveys on their intra and inter personal skills to identify their own strengths and weaknesses.

Students spend 2 hours a week in the food and technology room, which is newly refurbished with 3 new kitchen stations, and enjoy taking part in baking activities, using recipes and mainly following verbal instructions.

Students are encouraged to work in pairs with very limited adult support to enable them to develop their cooking skills as well as team work. They are encouraged to collect items, ingredients and overalls before starting baking and are taught to measure ingredients and use utensils and appliances safely.

Each week students bake various cakes, review each recipe and are given different kitchen roles such as Chef or Sous Chef and aim to win the “Chef of the Week Award”.