Personal Care

Personal Care aims to enable students to develop independence in personal care, grooming and health. There is an emphasis on developing an understanding of the need for specific tasks as well as a practical approach on how to accomplish them. Pupils work on a number of modules which are delivered at different levels to meet learners needs from E1 to E3. These include:

Personal Presentation

Students learn about the importance of being well presented by looking at ways to enhance themselves. They explore ways and products to use to ensure they are well presented.

They learn about positive and negative appearance through role plays and games and identify clothes that are appropriate to suit various occasions.

Personal Care and Hygiene

Students attend 1 hour a week of Personal Care and lessons combine class based activities as well as practical activities where students are required to take part in personal hygiene activities such as washing their face, brushing teeth, brushing hair, washing hands and keeping nails short and clean.

Students have access to the ‘Looking Good’ room where they use the facilities and are able to experience washing hair, drying hair, washing face, feet and brushing teeth

They learn through class based and practical activities how to keep clean and the types of products to use for themselves.They are encouraged to say the product names and use, with verbal and visual support offered to meet learners’ needs.

Students participate in bingo, lotto and matching games to identify products and their uses, they receive adult support to ensure they use products safely.


Students work towards a NOCN Accreditation.