Sixth Form

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Home Management

Home Management aims to provide students with a basic understanding of the tasks essential in maintaining a home to help enable them to live as independently as possible. It aims to develop an understanding of the need for the task as well as a practical approach to accomplishing the task. Students work on a number of modules which are delivered at different levels to meet learners’ needs from E1 to E3. These include:

Kitchen Hygiene

Students learn about the importance of keeping the kitchen clean, the areas that need to be cleaned and how often these areas must be cleaned.

Pupils attend 2 hours a week of Home Management and lessons combine class based activities with practical activities where they are required to carry out cleaning tasks.

In this module, students learn to clean various areas in the kitchen with verbal or physical support. They experience using cleaning equipment, as well as cleaning products, safely with adult support.

Students take part in various activities including washing up, mopping the floor, cleaning the fridge, tidying up cupboards, cleaning tables and sink, hob, cooker and microwave.

Household cleaning

Students learn about cleaning jobs around the house, through both class based and practical activities, by identifying different areas in the kitchen and the bathroom that require cleaning

They learn about cleaning products and are introduced to a wide range of cleaning products they are taken to purchase as part of the lesson.

Students are encouraged to become familiar with the names of products and equipment by taking part in bingo and matching games.They are encouraged to say the names and their uses with both verbal and visual support offered to meet learners’ needs.

Pupils learn to use these products safely and also take part in activities in small groups to carry out cleaning tasks, such as washing up, mopping the kitchen floor, bathroom floor, cleaning taps, cleaning toilets, sweeping, cleaning mirrors and dusting.

All these activities are supervised by staff to ensure students remain safe at all times, students are encouraged to put items away, dispose of water safely as well as handling equipment safely.


Students work to achieve an NOCN accreditation.


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