Sixth Form

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Expressive Arts

‘I like expressive arts because I like dancing and the lesson is really fun and exciting.‘ – Student

The following subjects are taught as part of the Expressive Arts curriculum:


Music is taught as a discrete subject and provides opportunities to develop appreciation of various styles and genres. It encourages students self expression and creativity. Student participation in singing, signing and producing accompaniments is an important element of all weekly liturgies, Masses and celebration assemblies.

Visiting musicians also perform and conduct songwriting and performing workshops.

Extra curricular Music Clubs include Ensemble Band Practice and Choir Practice.



Music and Stage Production

A new curriculum area available as an option at Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form). This is project based and supports students in developing social interaction, creativity and problem solving while working as part of a team. Students develop further their skills linked to music, drama, design and art to create and deliver their project which contributes to a national accreditation.

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