Sixth Form

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Community Skills

Personal Awareness

Personal Awareness aims to teach students about themselves as individuals, about their qualities, strengths and weaknesses, and they also learn about other people’s qualities, strengths and weaknesses.

Students enjoy taking part in role plays, bingo and games to find out more about their own qualities as well as their peers and friends.

They become familiar with the main qualitiesn foud in people and are encouraged to name them.

Eating Out

Eating Out aims to teach students about restaurants and where to go to eat out.

They explore various establishments and are encouraged to name them using visuals to help their identification.

Students also look at various food and menus as part of the lessons and even visit some local restaurants such as MacDonald’s for lunch where they order their own food.


These modules are part of the NOCN accreditation and delivered at E1, E2 and E3.


Here are some pictures illustrating recent restaurant visits:

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