Sixth Form

Our purpose built Victor Braun Centre is exclusively for the use of the Sixth Form.  It includes a social area and kitchenette for students, an Enterprise activities area,  ICT Suite, Food Technology room, a hairdressing/body shop and a studio for  performing arts.

Our curriculum for Sixth Form is designed to reflect the change as children become adults and make the significant step from a pre-16 to a post-16 model. Provision throughout the school reflects their changing age and levels of independence and maturity, irrespective of their abilities.

At Pield Heath House we believe that a key objective of our curriculum provision is to maximise the learning experiences which enable young people to leave the Sixth Form as young adults who are as independent as possible.

This is achieved in a number of ways, ensuring that the work provided is age appropriate and enabling students to develop the skills they need to prepare for adult life, further education and the world of work. For some students this will include part time inclusion in other settings e.g. work placements or external college links.


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