Key Stages 2, 3 and 4


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Personal Care – KS3 & KS4

In Personal Care pupils learn about keeping a good hygiene routine in the morning and evening, changing clothes regularly, preventing body odour as well as dental care, foot care and face washing.

Students explore products and where to use them on the body, they are encouraged to take part in group games, and role plays as well as bingo and lotto games to become familiar with the products.

Pupils in KS4 also learn about body odour and what to do to prevent it, using games and role plays, they learn about products to use in case of body odour.

Groups in KS4 are not mixed gender so the female group are able to learn about body changes and menstruation.

Pupils attend 1 hour a week of Personal Care and the lessons combine class based activities as well as practical activities where students are required to take part in personal hygiene activities such as washing their face, brushing teeth, brushing hair, washing hands and keeping nails short and clean. Adult support is available but each pupil is encouraged to work independently.

Pupils have access to our ‘Looking Good’ room where they can use all facilities for washing hair, drying hair, washing face, foot care and brushing teeth.