Key Stages 2, 3 and 4


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Mathematics is taught according to the National Curriculum and delivered through four components, within each of which are a number of associated topics:

  • Number e.g counting, ordering, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, decimals and money, fractions and percentages
  • Shape, Space and Measures e.g telling the time, measuring (length, weight, capacity), 2D and 3D shape, position and movement
  • Handling Data  e.g sorting, collecting data e.g tally charts,    presenting and interpreting data e.g graphs
  • Using and Applying  – combining and using the knowledge gained in all other components

Greatest emphasis is placed on the learning of number as this skill permeates all areas of numeracy. Maths is a key life skill, however, the abstract and conceptual nature of mathematics poses challenges to students with special needs. As such the content of the National Curriculum must be mediated to meet our students needs. There is a particular emphasis on the functionality of maths e.g managing money/shopping, understanding timetables and using measure in everyday life situations e.g cooking.The acquisition of these basic skills are prioritised in order to equip the student to participate fully and independently in society.