Key Stages 2, 3 and 4


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Information Communications Technology aims to introduce all students to the amazing opportunities technology has to offer and to enhance the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to utilise this technology. We aim to use ICT to develop communication and interaction to provide students with greater access to the curriculum.

The richness of the ICT Curriculum is delivered through the areas of communication, research and e-awareness, handling data, modelling and simulation..

A custom-built ICT suite, complete with the latest technology, is available to all students for both lessons and clubs. In addition, each classroom contains at least two computers and an interactive Smart Board. Students receive one hour of directed ICT curriculum time a week with the possibility of joining the lunchtime computer club for half an hour each day.

A range of adapted technology is also available for students who might need it including tracker-balls, touch screens and ‘Big Key’s’ keyboards to enable them to become autonomous users of computing technology.