Key Stages 2, 3 and 4


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Design & Technology

Design and Technology aims to develop a student’s ability for innovative and creative thought through the planning and development of design projects related to real-life needs and situations.

Students identify needs and opportunities, research and investigate existing solutions, analyse data and information, generate, justify and evaluate ideas, and experiment with tools, materials and techniques to manage and develop design projects. Through the development of their design projects, and the analysis of the design work of others, students reflect on the impact of design on society and the environment.

Students learn about:

  • The work of past and current designers across a range of settings: cultural, commercial, industrial, historical, contemporary (males and females).
  • Trends in technology and design: in history, across contemporary cultures.
  • Food and its impact upon the individual and society. Students explore how responsible designers manage the design process to create optimum health and well-being.