The curriculum at Pield Heath House is designed to provide our children and young people with opportunities which maximise their learning potential and experiences.

We provide our students with a bespoke education programme which supports their specific learning needs and enables them to develop key skills in cognition, communication, independence and self-care – all transferrable skills to equip them for life in a challenging and changing world.

We adopt a collaborative, multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to learning, responding and planning for a wide range of learning requirements. Each child or young persons’ curriculum can be accessed on different levels.

Our multi-disciplinary teams include speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists and behavioural support.This team facilitates the learning process both in classroom settings and in the home environment, for those who are residential or stay on short breaks, and works with our education and care staff to enable the student to access the curriculum..

The provision is flexible and tailored to optimise individual rates of progress and attainment and encourages the development of confident, well adjusted, sensitive and independent young people.

At Pield Heath House School, we believe that spirituality – a journey towards wholeness – forms the bedrock upon which everything we offer is built. It permeates all aspects of our students’ learning lives.

We are committed to offering our children and young people the best opportunities.