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“As a result of high quality teaching, including in English and Mathematics, outstanding learning is the norm”

Ofsted Report February 2014

Our approach to learning is collaborative, multi-disciplinary, individualised and holistic.

We accommodate a wide range of learning requirements and each personalised curriculum can be accessed on different levels according to the young persons’ need. Our multi-disciplinary team facilitates the learning process both in classroom settings and in the home environment for weekly residents. All our young people have Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) which are drawn up in consultation with parents/carers and identify their main targets for the term.

The provision is flexible and tailored to optimise individual rates of progress and attainment and encourages the development of confident, well adjusted, sensitive and independent young people.

At Pield Heath House School we believe that spirituality – a journey towards wholeness – forms the bedrock upon which everything we offer is built, it permeates all aspects of our students’ learning lives.