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The Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary

Pield Heath House School is recognised by the DfE under the Trusteeship of The Sisters of The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, whose mission is to be a transforming presence in those areas of the world where the poorest of God’s people are so often forgotten and excluded.

The Sisters of The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary is a group of women from many different backgrounds and cultures, living and working around the world. They have each responded to God’s call to find their unique place in the world and share a common vision to create a better world for God’s people.

Their mission calls them to where injustice causes such suffering in our world today and they are particularly sensitive to ending the exploitation of women and children through human trafficking; people with special needs; and to vulnerable and marginalised people who are denied the fullness of life.

They strive to develop communities as places of hospitality, where forgiveness and healing are on-going, and each person’s culture, gifts and talents are acknowledged, respected and celebrated. In keeping with their Mission Statement, they are called to help shape communities of gentleness, justice and peace that witness to the healing, liberating and empowering love of God.

The Sisters are based in UK, Ireland, California, El Salvador, The Philippines, Uganda and Zambia.

To find out more about the Sisters of The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and the work they undertake, please visit: