4th July 2020 – Reopening of Churches

Divine Mercy Sunday – St. Faustina (inc. YouTube link)

Resources during Mass Suspension

‘Please, don’t lose heart. Please, get deeper rooted. When a plant is deprived of some surface water, it has to put down deeper roots. We are going to have to put down deeper roots of the Spirit and we know that God will nurture us.’

Cardinal Vincent in his message as parishes have had to suspend public Masses.

However, as Cardinal Vincent has said, during these times, ‘the rhythm of prayer will continue’.

To aid in this there is information about how Mass will be provided online.

Mass Online

Schedule for Masses at Cathedrals

Cardinal Vincent Nichols will be celebrating Mass in Westminster Cathedral for schools online. This Mass will be celebrated on 18th June at 11.30am and streamed live on If you are unable to live stream at this time it will be possible to download the Mass and share in the celebration later.

Catholic churches, that can safely do so, will re-open for individual prayer from 15th June. For now this will be for private prayer only, as no masses / services or organised worship can take place.  Cardinal Nichols hopes people will benefit from the ‘sacredness’ of our church spaces and describes it as a “great blessing for individuals and for the benefit of all in society, that church doors will again be open to all who long to pray there for the peace and grace we need today.”

Private Masses will continue to be offered and several parishes in the diocese live-stream them at Church Services TV.

Each day, Vatican News live-streams Pope Francis’ 6am (GMT) Masses at Casa Santa Marta everyday on Facebook and YouTube.

The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham live-streams their 12 noon Mass.

Our Lady of Lourdes & St Michael, Uxbridge daily mass online.

For other parishes please click here.


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5th April – Palm Sunday

9th April – Maundy Thursday

10th April – Good Friday

12th April – Easter Vigil / Easter Sunday

Wintershall  – Wintershall have edited some of their workshop material for families to use at home in the lead up to Easter and beyond.


Stations of the Cross

Come walk with us down the Via Dolorosa (Way of Sorrow) as we commemorate Jesus’ final day on Earth as a man.

The Stations of the Cross are a 14-step Catholic devotion to Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for our sins. This course will teach the Stations of the Cross, explaining what happened at each station and why it is important. Each lesson includes a study guide, video, script, assessment and answer key as well as a virtual library of supplemental resources. This course is free and  offers a ‘Certificate of Completion’.

The Rosary

Please find attached a Powerpoint and Word document that you might find useful as an aid them in saying The Rosary and remembering the Fourth Sorrowful Mystery. At 10.30am every Friday the Education Service at the Diocese of Westminster invites you to recite a decade of the rosary with them throughout this challenging time.


Praying the Rosary with the Diocese of Westminster

The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery Praying the Rosary with the Diocese of Westminster