Our Approach

Our approach to education at Pield Heath House School is based upon our core values and beliefs:

Our whole approach to education at Pield Heath House School is based upon our core values and beliefs

Valuing – We value every young person for who they are
We are an educational community in which all young people are of equal importance and are valued for the individuals they are, regardless of race, culture, background or special educational need.

Our Approach – We encourage our young people to achieve and celebrate their achievements
We give all young people the opportunity for educational development to reach their full potential. We encourage their progress, celebrate their achievements and inspire confidence in their futures.

Learning – We adopt a collaborative, multi-disciplinary, individualised and holistic approach
The School has an inclusive approach to education, involving parents, governors and the local and wider community to form an educational community that is both holistic and formal.

Caring – We offer our young people a caring, positive, Christian environment
The School provides a caring environment where daily life is underpinned by Christian principles. Every young person is valued as an individual – regardless of race, colour, background, disability or religion – and is given every encouragement to succeed.

Wellbeing – We believe that the emotional wellbeing of our young people is essential in developing positive behaviour and academic success
At Pield Heath, we work with our young people to build self-worth, aspiration and a sense of belonging. In so doing, we believe that our young people develop a happy, meaningful and healthy lifestyle.

Outcomes – We strive to ensure that our young people achieve their maximum potential
We give all young people the opportunity for educational development to the highest possible level, together with the development of each individual’s talents, abilities, skills and understanding. We aim to give young people with learning difficulties the very best opportunity to achieve their maximum potential and lead fulfilled happy lives.

Parental/carer involvement
We encourage parents/carers to be as involved as possible in the young person’s learning programme. We operate an ‘Open House’ policy and parents/carers are welcome at any time. We have an established Annual Review procedure and parents/carers are expected to play a full part in Annual Review Meetings.

Every young person has either a Communication Book (up to Year 11) or a Diary (from Year 12 onwards) that is used to keep both home and school advised of daily activities, school trips, hospital appointments etc.

Parent/carer partnerships
We recognise the importance of parent/ carer partnerships and feel very strongly that their support helps our young people achieve their maximum potential while at Pield Heath House School.

Through our parent/carer partnership we aim to:

  • Encourage co-operation between home, school and the community
  • Establish strong communication between home and school
  • Make parents/carers feel welcome within the school
  • Develop positive, trusting relationships with parents/carers in the best interests of the young person
  • Help parents/carers to take responsibility for the behaviour of their young person
  • Assure parents/carers that their young person is gaining maximum benefit from their education
  • Encourage parent/carers involvement in school to help and support their young person’s education
  • Maintain good relationships with parents/carers in an atmosphere of mutual understanding
  • Motivate our young people through parental/carers involvement

The School maintains contact with parents/carers in a variety of ways, including:

  • Annual Review Meeting
  • Annual Parents/Carers Evening
  • Presentation Evenings
  • Seasonal events such as Christmas Concerts
  • Sports Day
  • Regular Newsletters
  • E mails

We will always contact parents/carers immediately if we are concerned about any aspect of their young person’s welfare, progress or behaviour and we hope that parents/carers will reciprocate by sharing with us any problems or anxieties they may have.