Since its foundation in 1901, Pield Heath House School has welcomed students of all beliefs and backgrounds. Priority is given to those students whose needs can be appropriately met within the school where the majority of youngsters are functioning at the lower end of moderate ability and upper end of the severe learning difficulty range – some with additional speech and language difficulties.

Children whose special needs are characterised by severely challenging behaviour, which has been assessed or proven to pose a significant risk to other students are not considered for placement.

All of our places are local authority funded and therefore referrals are made, in the first instance, by the student’s Local Authority. Referrals and admissions can occur throughout the year and at any age.

The school primarily consists of day students, although we have some weekly boarders (four nights a week). Most residential placements are now one or two nights per week respite placements, funded by Social Services Departments.

Admissions Procedure

1. Once a referral has been made, a parent visit and tour of the school is arranged.

2. The Special Educational Needs (SEN) Statement and any relevant papers sent into the school are circulated to relevant staff, such as the Senior Leadership Team, School Nurse and Speech & Language Therapist. They make detailed notes which are used to determine if, and how, the school can meet the young person’s needs

3. Arrangements are then made for the young person (and their parents) to visit the school, spend time in the classroom and also be assessed by the Speech & Language Therapist.

4. Ideally, prospective residential students should make at least two short visits, to include a sleep over, prior to admission. This will be organised by the Care Co-ordinator.

5. If we feel that we can meet the young person’s needs, we will notify the Local Authority and the young person’s name will be added to our Waiting List. At this point, that the fee band will be determined.

6. Once responsibility for fee payment has been received from the relevant Local Authority, all relevant forms and information are forwarded to the parent/guardians to be completed and then returned.

7. A date will then be set for admission to the school. Prior to this date, relevant staff will meet to allocate a class/teaching group. During this time all relevant information is gathered and strategies organised to make the transition as smooth as possible. Contact will be made with the previous school for any relevant information.

8. All new placements are reviewed towards the end of the first term to ensure that all the student’s needs are being met.