Mexican Posada Tradition – 2017


As part of our Advent celebrations we are pleased to participate in the Mexican Tradition of Posada (a Spanish word meaning ‘Inn’) which this year started in school on Monday 27th November at class VBC C.

Posada celebrations began in Mexico where two young people were chosen to dress up as Mary and Joseph and travel from house to house in their village during Advent. They told people about the coming of Jesus and asked if they would give him a room.

At Pield Heath everyone is invited to give room to figures of Mary and Joseph for a day before Christmas. This helps us to make room for Jesus in our lives, in our hearts and in our school community.

Each day the figures travel around the school from classroom to classroom, to Reception and to the Sisters. This journey helps us to think about the meaning of Christmas and to share the message with others. During our Christmas Service, on Wednesday 20th December the figures will arrive back in Chapel, in preparation for Christmas Day.

All areas try to make a special place for the figures, some place a candle next to them.

Prayer as the figures are handed over:

As you welcome these crib figures today, may you welcome the Lord Jesus into your hearts and lives this Christmas.’

Class receiving the figures say this welcoming prayer:

‘God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit,

You are always present in our School Community,

Help us to experience the joy of looking forward this Advent

and make it a time of new beginnings.

We welcome Mary and Joseph and pray that you will bless

our school and all who learn, work and live here. Amen.’

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