Art workshops and students performance at National Gallery


Students recently had a great opportunity to take part in a 3 day art workshop, two at school and the other at the National Gallery.

On 16th June students explored three National Gallery paintings including Titian’s Bacchus and Ariadne, Pisaneillo’s Vision of Saint Eustace and Jan Brueghel the Elder’s Garden of Eden and spotted animals in the paintings. The students then made animal masks of the creatures found in the paintings.

On 19th June students explored Chris Ofili’s Weaving Magic tapestry and learnt how a tapestry is made. The students then found shapes and creatures in the tapestry and made wire sculptures of their creatures. Finally, the students brought their sculptures to life by shining coloured torches behind these sculptures and made beautiful and intriguing shadows against the wall.

On 23rd June students visited the National Gallery to see the real paintings by Titian, Pisanello and Jan Brueghel the Elder and Ofili’s tapestry and explored the paintings through sound activities with professional musician Luke Crookes. The students then worked with artists Luke and Alex to make a sound montage of all the animals they had encountered in the paintings and tapestry which they brought to life with their wire sculpture puppets and torches which was documented in a short film.

On Saturday 1st July, from 9.30 – 1.00pm students were fortunate to be able to perform at the National Gallery in a celebration day attended by parents and friends.

A video of their performance with musician Luke Crooke can be viewed here.

Our sincere thanks to everyone involved in creating this amazing opportunity for our students.

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