Roll Back to the 60’s Dance Event


Sixth Form students held a ‘Roll Back to the 60’s’ Charity Dance on Friday 17th June from 12.00 – 2.00pm for other students past and present.

The idea of organising and holding a dance was created as part of an expressive arts project in which students explored how creative arts can be used to get an important message out to the world. As a group they decided the message they wanted to advocate is that Pield Heath School is a wonderful school for young people with special needs to come to. They also decided to try to raise money to allow more children to be able to enjoy the school as they have.

Students were involved in all aspects of the project: from creating the idea, developing a marketing plan and brand and producing posters and tickets, to brainstorming fundraising ideas and were responsible for all aspects of event management on the day itself. All skills that will prove relevant and beneficial in their future lives.

Students and staff were  encouraged to enter into the spirit of the event by wearing appropriate 60’s clothing, anyone that didn’t was subject to a fine – all for Charity of course!

A great time was had by all!

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